Make a DIY Wired Ribbon Bow

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Do you want to make a beautiful, casual DIY wired ribbon bow to decorate with this season? Today I’m sharing my favourite way to make a gorgeous bow with wired ribbon. This method creates a casual but elegant looking bow, and it’s very easy to do. Let me show you how!

Beautiful bows are fun to make, and they’re a perfect addition to your Holiday decor (or every day decor)! I love using these casual but elegant wired ribbon bows on everything from DIY front door wreaths to Christmas trees to gifts. This method is simple to execute, and I’ve also included an easy variation for a slightly different look.

You Will Need

  • 2 1/2″ wide wired ribbon in the following lengths:
    • 12 feet long (for the main bow section)
    • 3 foot long (for the tails)
    • 4″ long (for the center piece)
  • Scrap piece of yarn, twine, a chenille stem, or floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks
  • Fabric scissors

Note: You can adjust the lengths of the ribbon to make a smaller or larger bow. The lengths above create a bow that’s about 12″ across. Simply ensure the tail piece is about 1/4 of the length of the main bow section piece. For a smaller bow, use a narrower ribbon. For a larger bow, use a ribbon that’s at least 3 inches in width.

Sourcing the Ribbon

I found this wire-edged ribbon at Michaels a few years ago, but any wide wired ribbon will work. Since I’ve used ribbon with a thinner material (it’s a sheer but stiff material, like organza), my bow is a little floppy and soft looking. Ribbon with a thicker material like velvet or a burlap ribbon will make a more formal looking bow. Experiment with different types of wired edge ribbon for all sorts of different bow looks!

How to Make a DIY Wired Ribbon Bow

Cut your ribbon to the sizes listed above. Make sure to use sharp scissors, and use wide ribbon that has a wire on each side. The wired ribbon edges are what will help give this bow its voluminous shape.

Take the 12 foot piece of wired ribbon and loop it back and forth in your hand, making a twist in the center each time you make a loop. Make sure to leave a 12 inch tail of ribbon before making the first loop.

Do this eight times to create four large loops on each side of the center.

Next, take the 3 foot long piece of ribbon and fold it in half.

Then, tie the tail piece to the bow piece using a chenille stem or a piece of yarn, twine, or floral wire.

Now, take the 4″ long piece of ribbon and place it around the center of the bow to cover up the yarn/twine.

Fold the seam of the ribbon inside on the back of the bow, and use a hot glue gun to tack it in place.

Finally, it’s time to fluff up the bow! Open up all the loops of the bow, and gently bend the tails. You can also cut the ends of the ribbon tails into dovetail shapes. To do this, fold the ends of the tails in half vertically, and cut it at an angle.

I hot glued this wired ribbon bow to the bottom of my oversized DIY pom-pom wreath. You can find the step-by-step tutorial for this gorgeous winter wreath right here!

Step by Step Video Tutorial

You can also see how I make this bow and this wreath right here on my YouTube channel.

Wired Ribbon Bow Variation

I also used a similar bow technique on my French Horn Christmas Swag, but with a variation:

For this version, rather than tying the ribbon tail piece on with some yarn, I tied it in a knot right into the looped section. This creates an even more casual look with a tighter looking knot in the middle of the DIY ribbon bow:

Where can I use these wired ribbon bows?

I love a fluffy bow almost anywhere, especially during the Holiday season. Here are some places you can decorate with these bows:

  • bottom of a large Christmas wreath
  • top of a front door swag
  • tree topper
  • on top of a wrapped gift
  • at the ends of garlands on the stairs or mantel

Let me know what you think of this wired ribbon bow method in the comments below! I love how it has a natural and slightly floppy look, but it still looks full and elegant. Happy crafting!

Looking for more bow tutorials?

You can learn how to make an even fluffier wired ribbon bow, plus my favourite way to make a Tiffany box inspired bow on gifts by watching this video tutorial. Bow making is super addicting, so I hope you enjoy these tutorials!



  1. I BET you’re having fun decorating your house this year! We can’t get a tree just yet, but I’ve been slowly finding time to hang wreaths on the doors and changing out my throws and pillow covers for more Christmas-y colours! The free Pointsettia from Superstore adds a nice touch, too. =)

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