What’s my home decor style?

Are you clueless when it comes to your home decor style preferences? Nailing down your style is the first (and most important!) step when making your home look gorgeous and cozy on a budget. Looking at pictures and trying to figure out what you like most about them can be overwhelming, so I’ve created a home decor style quiz to make the process easier! It’s quick and easy, and by the end of the quiz you will know which unique style is a perfect fit for you and your home. 

Which one sounds more like you?

Do you think you’re a modern decorator who loves clean lines? Do you have Traditional style? Minimalist style? Or do you lean more toward a French Country look? Or maybe you truly love a combination of several styles! My quick & easy interior design style quiz will help point you in the right direction to create a cozy and beautiful home that is uniquely YOU!

By taking this quiz, you’ll find out…

… exactly what home decor style you LOVE the most! Included in this quiz are popular home decor styles like Traditional, Transitional, Modern Farmhouse, Modern Rustic, and more. Not only will you nail down your favourite style, but you’ll finish the quiz with specific useful tips and tricks from me that will get you EXCITED and READY to start your ultimate room makeover! 

Knowing your preferred style will help you narrow down a floor plan, area rugs, fixtures, and fabrics (after all, silk and velvet are both lovely but won’t go with every style!) with far fewer headaches. Make sure you answer the questions honestly to get the most accurate results. There are no right or wrong responses! You can’t change your design style DNA, so you might as well figure it out once and for all and lean into it! After all, there’s a wide variety of design styles that are all beautiful and welcoming, and once you have an idea of your own preferences you can more easily decorate your own home so you will love it.

My style is Transitional, as my living room here shows!

Common home decor styles

There are dozens of decor styles that are popular in 2023, but these 10 are the most common:

1. Traditional Interior Design

  • neutral colours such as beige and white
  • intricate details such as tufting and carving
  • symmetry in styling
  • patterns such as florals and damask
  • porcelain accessories, landscape art and brass accents

2. Transitional

  • a mix of traditional and modern pieces
  • neutral colours
  • a focus on comfort (comfortable seating, soft accents)
  • symmetry in styling, statement light fixtures and a clutter-free approach to decorating

3. Contemporary

  • the latest trends in home decor (currently a mix of transitional, bohemian and mid-century modern styles)
  • a mix of clean lines and rounded shapes
  • warm and neutral with pops of bright accent colours
  • exposed wood, chrome & glass accents, geometric patterns

4. Modern Farmhouse

  • neutral colours like white, cream, black and grey
  • reclaimed & natural woods, mixed metals, industrial accents
  • rustic and vintage accessories
  • patterns such as buffalo check and stripes

5. Modern Coastal

  • warm white and ocean-inspired hues such as blue and green
  • nautical decor accents
  • soft furnishings and beach-inspired accessories
  • shiplap on the walls and wicker furniture

6. Mid-Century Modern

  • retro furniture from the 1950s & 60s
  • rounded shapes mixed with square shapes
  • textiles with geometric patterns
  • bright accent colours

7. Bohemian

  • deep and rich jewel tones 
  • an overabundance of textiles and accessories
  • global-inspired accents, handmade items such as wall hangings, pottery and braided rugs
  • a “more is more” or maximalist approach to decorating

8. Industrial

  • dark colours such as black and grey
  • lots of worn metal accents, exposed pipes and ducts
  • unfinished elements and raw wood accents
  • vintage furniture and accessories

9. French Country

  • soothing colours like grey, white, blue and yellow
  • textiles with floral and striped patterns
  • glamorous lighting features
  • antique and vintage home decor accents

10. Scandinavian

  • neutral colours like white and grey
  • accents with pops of colour
  • a minimalist approach to decorating
  • botanical and animal patterns
  • natural wood and smooth lines
  • nature-inspired accents
  • “hygge” inspired accents like warm textiles and candles

Each of these styles has a specific feel, colour scheme and common elements that pull it all together. Once you discover your style, it will be SO much easier to start planning your room makeover, new home furnishings, and new layout. I promise!

Here’s where my home decor style quiz comes in!

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz above to get started on that big, bold room makeover you’ve always wanted to try! It will only take a few minutes, and then you’ll be on your way.

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