Entryway Storage Ideas for Quick & Easy Organization

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Just because you’re short on storage space doesn’t mean you can’t be organized! In today’s post, I’m sharing some simple entryway storage ideas that will work in large or small spaces. Find a few quick & easy entry organization ideas here!

Reader Question

How on earth do I keep the entryway/mudroom clean and organized? I’d appreciate any helpful ideas you can give.

Jennifer P., Facebook

Entryways are one of those spaces that can quickly get cluttered and disorganized. If you can put a few storage systems in place, you can create a spot for everything and keep your entry cleaner and more streamlined. The best part? These ideas can work in even the smallest foyer or mudroom!

Entry Organization Ideas

Both the front and back entryways in our home are rather small, so I’ve had to be creative to keep them organized. Through a few budget-friendly additions and some simple hacks, I’ve been able to improve the function of our small entries. Here are some of my favourite entry organization ideas (with bonus ideas from other entries I’ve tackled):

Hack IKEA Shoe Cabinets for Vertical Storage

My favourite small entry organization hack has got to be this IKEA STALL shoe cabinet installation. I was tired of my kids’ shoes by our front door and I wanted a simple storage solution. By mounting two IKEA STALL shoe cabinets side-by-side in our narrow entry hall and trimming them out, we have both functional and beautiful shoe storage. Since the shoes are stored vertically in each closed cubby, the unit is thin. It doesn’t take up much floor space, so it keeps our entry hall feeling open. I also love how the units act as a narrow console table that I can decorate and use for practical items like keys and chapstick. Besides shoes, we also store scarves, gloves, mittens, umbrellas and hats in our shoe cabinets. You can find the full tutorial for this IKEA entry storage hack right here.

Create an Elevated Boot Tray in your Entry

Boot trays are an essential element for any entry in the Fall, Winter and Spring months. Since tall boots won’t usually fit in a shoe cabinet like the above, having a waterproof tray will keep your entry more organized and your floor dry. My favourite boot trays are the more utility-looking ones made of rubber, but they can be an eyesore. One way to elevate the look of them is to fill them with smooth rocks. Not only does this create a beautiful, rustic looking tray, but the rocks help water drain from the boots and avoid puddles. Alternatively, this copper boot tray is gorgeous and would be a beautiful addition to an entryway.

Hooks to Hang & Organize Everything

I’m a huge fan of adding hooks to entryways to hang anything and everything. I installed these hooks over this amazing custom storage bench at a show home. Create a dedicated hook wall in a mudroom, or add hidden hooks inside closets for a more streamlined look. Creating a hook wall with a board and batten trim feature or bead board paneling can give your entry character. I love the combination of character and function for an entryway! Use the hooks to hang things like purses, backpacks, jackets, bags, and more.

Don’t have time to make a custom bench? You could consider hacking some IKEA kitchen cabinets into a storage bench like I did here in our breakfast nook! Alternatively, the IKEA NORDLI units make great DIY storage benches. Here’s how I made a bench in my sister’s breakfast nook, and this method would also work to add storage drawers and seating to an entryway.

Small Entry Closet Organizing Ideas

Even a tiny closet can be helpful in an entryway. To make use of a small entryway closet, add a tiered shoe rack on the bottom. Then, install a clothing rod about 2/3rds up the wall, and a shelf over that. Place storage baskets on the shelf to store accessories and other items, and put boots and shoes on the rack. The rod is handy for jackets, coats, or even more hanging shoe storage.

Creating a Built-In Look Closet with an IKEA Wardrobe

If you’re short on space and don’t have room for a coat closet, you can create one with a budget-friendly IKEA BRIMNES wardrobe. That’s exactly what I did in our Tiny Lake House entry where I only had a 33″ wide narrow hallway to work with!

After building the wardrobe, I placed it in the entry and added some MDF trim on either side to fill in the gaps. Adding some crown moulding to the top makes it look built-in, and it created the perfect nook for these baskets. I also swapped out the original BRIMNES handles for these ones to make it look higher end.

Dollar Store & Thrift Store Finds for Keys & Small Item Storage

One of my favourite things to include in any entry is a small container to hold little items like keys and sunglasses. I love finding little wooden or metal containers at the dollar store for a budget-friendly addition to an entry. When we walk through our hallway, we can easily drop our keys in the box on our shoe cabinet. This way, we always know where they are, and the box I found at Dollarama creates a clutter-free look! You can also use the same container for a mail organizer, or have a second one for this purpose.

Thrift stores are also a wonderful place to find tabletop storage items for an entryway drop-zone. Wooden trays with compartments can often be found in the housewares section, and they’re great for storage keys, change, and other small items. Any sort of wooden box can be made into an entry charging station with a little bit of paint and creativity.

Small Space Coat Rack Idea

If you don’t have space for a traditional coat rack or a wardrobe unit in your entry, you can create coat storage with a floating shelf and a clothing rod. I did this in our Tiny Lake House bedroom, but this same idea would be perfect for a tiny entry! Mount a floating shelf to the wall, and add baskets or bins on top for storing smaller items. Then, install a clothing rod underneath for hanging coats and jackets. (You could even install the same clothing rod to the ceiling for even more hanging storage!)

A Family Affair

The most important element of an organized entryway is to make sure your family is committed to keeping it that way. After you’ve put some helpful elements in place – a shoe storage solution, a boot tray, hooks etc – make sure your family knows where everything goes. Commit to keeping things in their spots. Schedule a weekly cleaning day when the whole family can clean and organize your entry. In our home, our entryway definitely gets messy so we have to revisit it often to keep it looking good!

This week’s challenge:

This week, I challenge you to take a look at your entryway and see if you can incorporate any of these entryway storage ideas. Let me know which entry organization ideas you’re going to try in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed these entryway storage ideas, and… Happy DIYing!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your front entrance with IKEA shoe storage ! I would be interested to know the width of your hallway to see if I could incorporate something like this into our home.

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