Christmas Party Tray Ideas That’ll WOW Your Guests

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As we gear up for the most magical time of the year, there’s one thing that steals the show at every holiday gathering—the Christmas party tray. Elevate your hosting game with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of holiday cheer! In this roundup, I’m sharing a unique list of Christmas party tray ideas that will not only impress but leave your guests in awe. From savory sensations to sweet treats, get ready to make epic tray creations that’ll have everyone singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


Every day this week, I’ve shared some creative ways to use a big round wooden tray for your festive gatherings this year. I hope these ideas have inspired you as you enjoy the Holiday season with loved ones! Today’s post is a round-up of all the ideas so that you can bookmark them all in one place. Happy partying!

I’ve had so much fun this week sharing four delightful party tray ideas that are fun to create and a unique experience to enjoy. They’re all a great way to enjoy the Holiday season with your family and friends this year! For all these variations, I’ve used this 16″ wide wooden tray from Canadian Tire, but any large round tray will do. Let me know which idea you’ll try this season.

1. DIY Simmer Pot Mix Gift Tray

Transform your gathering into a sensory wonderland with a DIY simmer pot mix gift tray. This is a unique idea for a cozy Holiday gathering with friends this season! Arrange an assortment of dried fruit and fragrant tree clippings on a stylish tray. Guests can mix and match their favorite ingredients to create personalized simmer pot mix gifts. Provide small upcycled glass jars for packaging, tags, string, and watch as your loved ones craft their own aromatic creations.

Get the full Simmer Pot Tray idea here!

2. Mocktail Station: Craft Your Christmas Punch

Elevate your beverage game with a mocktail station where guests can concoct their own Christmas punch. Set up a vibrant array of fruit juices, sparkling water, and fresh garnishes. Place juices, carbonated beverages, grenadine and glasses on a tray. Encourage your guests to mix and match fruits, garnishes, juices and soft drinks to make their ultimate Holiday flavor combination. This interactive drink station not only quenches thirst but also adds a playful element to your holiday gathering.

Serve some snacks with this mocktail station for a casual evening gathering, or before your Holiday dinner with Christmas appetizers for a classy cocktail hour feel.

Learn how to make a mocktail station on a tray here (with an easy recipe for my favourite mockatail)!

3. Wreath-Shaped Charcuterie Board

Deck the halls (and your table) with a wreath-shaped charcuterie board. This makes a gorgeous and delicious festive appetizer before Christmas dinner! Arrange an assortment of fruit, berries, cheeses, crackers, and even olives in a circular shape on your large round platter. Add a salami rose as the focal point (learn how to make it here)! Bonus points for adding herbs like sprigs of rosemary or thyme for a touch of greenery. This sweet & savory masterpiece not only serves as a feast for the taste buds but also doubles as a stunning centerpiece.

Don’t forget to add cutlery, napkins and a stack of small dishes beside this tray so that guests can help themselves to their favourite items.

You can play with different variations of this charcuterie wreath. Consider adding a cheese ball in the center of the wreath, or creating a crudite board with fresh veggies like sliced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, celery sticks, broccoli and cauliflower pieces.

If you need to fill a whole table or island with appetizers, you could even make several different Christmas wreaths made up of different ingredient combinations! That could be a fun party theme.

Lean how to create a stunning winter wreath charcuterie board here!

4. Hot Chocolate Tray Extravaganza

Warm hearts and hands with a hot chocolate tray that goes beyond the classic hot chocolate station. Provide a selection of hot cocoa mixes, an array of candies, cookies and chocolates, and a cloud of marshmallows. Don’t forget bowls of chocolate chips for that extra indulgence. Serve this tray alongside a kettle of hot water, festive mugs, and napkins. Let your guests customize their cups of cocoa, turning a simple drink into a decadent experience! Set this tray out with dessert after your turkey meal, or it makes a lovely apres ski, snowman making or skating treat!

Get the full hot chocolate tray idea here!

Party Tray Tips

  • Clear Signage: Consider using small, elegant signs to label each tray item. This helps guests easily identify what’s on offer and adds a thoughtful touch to the presentation.
  • Traffic Flow: Place your party tray in a spot that makes logical sense for your guests’ enjoyment. I like to use my kitchen island as a buffet or tray area since guests can easily walk all the way around the island and reach everything they need.
  • Save Stress: You can make all of these party trays in advance of your gathering and store them covered in the fridge. That way, they’re ready to whip out when the fun begins!

There you have it, DIY friends – four Christmas party tray ideas that will not only WOW your guests but also turn your Holiday parties into a memorable celebration of creativity and joy. Cheers to a season filled with love, laughter, and delightful DIY moments!

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