Make an Easy Winter Charcuterie Board Shaped Like a Wreath

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Winter is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a delightful and visually stunning Winter Charcuterie Board shaped like a wreath? In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to create an easy and budget-friendly masterpiece that will be the talk of your holiday gatherings. Let’s get started!


Every day this week, I’m sharing some creative ways to use a big round wooden tray for your festive gatherings this year. I hope these ideas inspire you as you enjoy the Holiday season with loved ones!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Large, round wooden tray (I found my 16″ tray here from Canadian Tire)
  • Assorted small round crackers
  • Cubed cheddar cheese
  • Green grapes and red raspberries
  • Salami
  • Wine glass
  • Blackberries
  • Rosemary and thyme sprigs

Steps to Craft Your Charcuterie Wreath:

Step 1: Set the Stage with a Wooden Tray

Begin with a large, round wooden tray. This will serve as the canvas for your festive masterpiece.

Step 2: Crackers, Cheese, and Fruits

Start by arranging small groups of round crackers around the perimeter of the tray. Remember, odd numbers create a visually appealing aesthetic. Add cubed cheddar cheese in piles, and intersperse groups of green grapes and red raspberries for that Christmassy touch.

Step 3: Salami Rose – the Statement

Now, let’s create a stunning focal point for your charcuterie wreath. Take a wine glass and fold pieces of salami over the rim, layering them until the glass is covered and there’s no longer a hole in the center. Invert the glass at the edge of the tray, revealing a beautiful and easy-to-make salami rose.

Step 4: Blackberries and Greenery Accents

Enhance the wreath’s beauty by adding blackberries around the board. For that needed pop of green, arrange sprigs of rosemary in a wreath shape along the edges of the fruit and crackers. You can even add thyme sprigs around the salami rose for extra texture.

Step 5: Invite Guests and Enjoy!

Your Winter Charcuterie Wreath Board is now ready to impress! Invite your guests to indulge in this delightful holiday appetizer that not only tastes fantastic but also serves as a stunning centerpiece for your festive gatherings.

Winter Charcuterie Board Tips and Tricks:

Personalize It

Feel free to add other items like nuts, olives, or even dark chocolate for a diverse flavor profile.

Get Creative with Shapes

Experiment with different shapes for your charcuterie wreath. How about a snowflake or Christmas tree?

Make It Ahead

Prepare some elements in advance to save time on the day of your gathering.

Crafting your own wreath shaped Winter Charcuterie Board is not only a tasty endeavor but also a fantastic way to showcase your creative flair. So, gather your supplies, put on some festive tunes, and let the DIY magic unfold! Wishing you a joyful and delicious holiday season. Cheers!

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