What are wax melts?

So you may, or may not, of heard of the scenting phenomenon that is wax melts, a modern scenting formulation that is difficult to match when it comes to speed, strength and savings! For those that are new to melts, this article will introduce you to the necessary information before you are absolutely convinced to trial some... 

What actually are wax melts?

Well technically, wax melts are pretty similar to candles, some call them 'wickless candles', because they are just small pieces of wax mixed with fragrance. Our wax melts are delicately finished with dried botanicals but they can also come in an array of shapes, bright colours and glitters. We have even come across some naughty wax melts - honestly, google it! 

How do wax melts work?

When I'm explaining a pop up stalls, many reference oil burners, as these are historically popular. So where you'd usually apply a few droplets of the essential/fragrance oil, in the well of the burner, you instead add a wax melt. After putting a tea light within the burner, or flicking it on if you are working with an electric burner, your wax will gently melt and as it does all of the fragrance locked within the melt will begin to burn off into the air, usually filling the room in 10-20 minutes! 

How long do wax melts last?

So this can depend on a number of things:

  • The size of the wax melt - We keep our wax melts a moderate ~13g, to ensure not to overload the burner so that the wax melts gently and not to under fill and allow the plate to become too hot.
  • How much fragrance is added - The more fragrance the better in our opinion, and we optimise the fragrance load of our wax melts according to the max capacity.
  • The height of the burner as this determines how hot the wax melt will get -  the smaller the burner the hotter it gets and the quicker the scent will be burned away. Likewise taller burners may not burn as strong but this should keep your wax melt lasting longer.
  • How well it has been made - a good wax melt will have been made using careful measures, temperature control and a good amount of mixing and curing. 

Our individual wax melts average around 10 hours each, so a pouch of wax melts offer around 50 hours of scenting!

Wax melts or candles?

Its a personal choice - I say both! I love a candle, there is something about burning a candle that makes me feel a sense of calm and serenity but there is nothing like the freedom of a wax melt:

  • Blow out when you want - candles should be burned for at least 2 hours to avoid tunnelling, melts can be blown out and re lit as and when.
  • Pop out when you want - ok so you can switch candles whenever you like, but having lots of different candles at your disposal may set you back a bit. Wax melts can be easily popped out & swapped as often as you like, and as they are so cheap you won't worry about keeping a few different scents in at a time.
  • Can be a safer option - if you worry about open flames, or have an elderly relative who may need a little support, an electric burner should do the trick, team with an amazon plug and you can flick your burner on and off from your phone!

Where do I start?

If you are brand new to wax melts our wax melt gift box is the perfect place to start. We include a gorgeous burner, two scents of your choice + a handful of tea lights to get your started.

& to keep on top of your wax melt supply

We also offer a soy wax melt subscription, with two different subscription options whether you want to trial the subscription or are ready to go full throttle with a rolling monthly subscription! We include two random scents every month from our archive of hundreds of luxurious fragrances! No two months are the same - and we even offer the chance to vote for the types of scents you want to explore each month.


Find out more about our range of soy wax melts at today!

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