We worked for good!

We worked for good!

GREAT NEWS 😀 We just made our third donation through Work for Good to another amazing local cause 🎉 and we couldn't be more proud! Of course it would not of been possible without the support of our wonderful customers so THANK YOU ♥️

For those of you who aren't familiar with Work for Good, they launched four years ago with the purpose of helping bridge the gap between small businesses and charities. They have helped businesses raise over £1.75 million pounds for local causes so far in their journey. When I came across Work for Good last year I knew I wanted to get involved, I'm hugely passionate about a few causes, mainly those related to emotional wellbeing, and making others feel good is what Candle & Coaster is all about for me. My purpose when making my home fragrance is to create joyful moments for others and I soon realised I could increase how many good moments happen by donating a portion of each sale through my site.

Young Minds

During 2021 I focused my fundraising towards Young Minds, the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health. I started with a small campaign and created a fragrance 'Wild Lavender' especially for this cause. Then later in the year I created a new pledge and donated 5% of all sales through my site to this fantastic charity.
How they offer support:
  • Offering telephone and online support, as well as guides and advice directly to young people
  • Supplying a parents helpline and online chat, plus advice and guidance so that they can effectually support their young person
  • Providing resources and training to professionals working with young people, including mental health training.
Young Minds UK work is increasingly vital: "In the UK, an estimated five children in every classroom have a mental health problem and 80% of young people with mental health needs said the pandemic made their mental health worse" - Young Minds UK

Winston's Wish

For the beginning of 2022 I wanted to focus my attention on another great cause, and Winston's Wish soon caught my attention. Winston's Wish is a charity supporting children who have suffered bereavement of a parent or sibling. This support is crucial, as the life changing effects of loss at a young age has shown to seriously impact a persons risk of vulnerability later in life.
How they offer support:
  • Speaking to those affected directly, online and over the phone offering specialist support as and when it is needed.
  • Offering support to other family members and parents, giving them the information they need to properly support their young person through grief.
  • Extending specialist training to professionals, such as teachers and social workers, so that they can better support bereaved young people and their families.
Winston's Wish rely on voluntary donations for 92% of their income, which means these donations are vital to children's futures. Last year alone they trained over 62,00 professionals to help support those who lost a loved one and supported over 18,000 children and young people directly
Trigger warning: loss, bereavement, depression.

Why I chose:

Winston's Wish
I was personally affected at the age of 9 by the loss of a parent, and unfortunately like many others at the time received little to no support. The impact of unresolved childhood grief has sadly followed me through many stages of my life. With the work of charities like Winston's Wish there is support easily accessible to everyone, so that children and young people can grieve effectively and remember their loved one positively, reducing the chances of this causing issues later down the line.
YoungMinds UK
As the unresolved grief continued to affect me during my time at secondary school and into young adulthood, my mental health took a strain. As a teenager I was unaware that what I was feeling, generally and about myself was not normal. Charities like YoungMindsUK work tirelessly to offer support to children, teenagers and young adults and with the added pressures of being a young adult in 2022 this work is crucial.
It is scientifically-proven that trauma in early years and childhood puts us at a higher risk of developing anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other health behaviours.
Supporting these charities will help young people now, and the effects of the support and guidance will continue to benefit their lives into adulthood.
Candle & Coaster will continue to support these and similar causes in 2022 and we thank our customers for supporting us, so we can do this. So far we have raised £120 for these charities through Work for Good! To find out more about our pledges, or to sign your small business up visit Work for Good.
For information, help or support you can visit the causes directly here:
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