The quickest way to make your home smell amazing!

The quickest way to make your home smell amazing!

One of the most satisfying things for most of us home-lovers out there, is when a guest compliments the smell of our house, one of the most horrifying would be to experience the opposite, so it is not surprising that we are constantly looking to upgrade our home scenting. Many of us are looking for stronger, quicker - better ways to get our homes smelling luxuriously and will spend copious amounts in the process, I know I have! Well it may be surprising to find out one of the most efficient home scenting products is also really purse-friendly. If you haven't already guessed, in this article, we are going to explore a rapidly-growing obsession: soy wax melts..

What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is simply fragrance locked into wax, as it is in a candle but without the wick - a wickless candle! It works in a similar way, as the wax heats up, it melts and releases the scent into the air, but rather than the wax being warmed by a flame in the centre, wax melts are placed in the well of wax burners which are heated by the use of an electric plate or a tea light within. Wax melts can be made from a variety of waxes but the key to how efficient they are is in the fragrance, the fragrance load and how the wax melt has been made.


What makes a quality wax melt?

Quality wax melts are firstly made up of a quality fragrance, low-end fragrances will burn off much quicker and might not smell of much in the first-place! Although using a quality fragrance is only part of it, having a good load is vital - it's no good having a fantastic scent and only sprinkling a tiny bit in! The maximum fragrance load for most waxes on the market is a whooping 10% so as long as it isn't an overpowering scent, this is where you want to be. Although this is not all there is to consider in the recipe for success, careful temperature control and monitoring during the making process is also required. Control of melting and pouring temperatures is essential, the science behind wax is that both wax and fragrance never actually blend, rather you melt the wax to separate and loosen the molecules, and then when the wax is at peak temp, hot enough to make space for fragrance and cool enough not to burn the scent off, you add the fragrance. Giving it a good stir, the fragrance will then be locked between the wax molecules and once the wax is cured, will be ready to release during a burn, for hours (& hours)!

Why are they so quick?

Unlike candles, there is no waiting around for the best temperature for the scent to burn off - candles require careful wicking balancing a controlled flame, no soot and a great scent throw, wax melts are far more simple to create and without having to worry about other potential hazards they can typically get hotter, meaning fragrance burns off quicker. High fragrance loads in candles can also cause issues such as sooting so you'll find that many candles don't reach 10% in fragrance load. Almost any wax burner is sufficient to use with soy wax melts, although tea light burners of around 10cm tend to be ideal, they start working almost instantly and can fill more than a couple of rooms at once!
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What we think

If you haven't tried wax melts yet, we'd definitely recommend giving them a try for a quick and easy scenting alternative, of course not much beats the peace and calm that can be achieved from a slow burning scented candle but if you are looking for quick, strong and cheap scenting it doesn't get better than our range of soy wax melts.
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