How do reed diffusers work?

Reed diffusers are an effective, low-maintenance way of home scenting, consistently fragrancing the home with little action required, but how do they work? Our video outlines some of the key elements of our luxury reed diffusers.


The jar is filled with a quality blend of reed diffuser formula, we hand blend the formula using the finest oils and our eco friendly diffuser base. Each diffuser blend is thoroughly, quality tested for strength and performance.


The formula works its way into the tunnels within the rattan reeds, gradually travelling up the tunnels and out the top of the reeds, atomising into the air. Things that effect the formulas rate of travel:

  • The room temperature
  • The reed diffuser placement
  • The formula thickness
  • The reed quality


Reed diffuser placement is very important. Diffusers should be placed in areas with sufficient air circulation - high shelves may not be the most effective location. 


Reeds should be kept free from dust and debris, and should be turned regularly to avoid blockages. Other than that, reed diffusers are virtually maintenance-free.


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